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Né(e) le:
Apr 9, 1903 à Benkelman, Nebraska, U.S.
Nombre de films et séries:
Première apparition :
Dans movie Salute 1929-09-01
Dernier film:
Film The Adventures of Errol Flynn 2005-04-05
Le choix de la rédaction
Poster of Wagon Train
Poster of Gun Law
Poster of Wild Boys of the Road
Poster of So This Is College
Film The Adventures of Errol Flynn John L. Sullivan (archive footage) 2005-04-05
Film Melanie Remembers: Reflections by Olivia DeHavilland Himself-archive 2004-11-05
Film Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage Himself (archive footage) 1983-02-25
Film Rio Bravo Pat Wheeler 1959-03-17
Film Alias Jesse James Major Seth Adams (uncredited) 1959-03-20
Film China Doll 1958-06-06
Series Wagon Train Major Seth Adams 1957-09-18
Film The Wings of Eagles John Dodge 1957-02-22
Film The Halliday Brand Big Dan Halliday 1957-01-01
Film The Growler Story 1957-01-01
Series The Steve Allen Show Unknown 1956-06-24
Film The Searchers Rev. Capt. Samuel Johnston Clayton 1956-03-13
Film Dakota Incident Sen. Blakely 1956-07-23
Film Pillars of the Sky Dr. Joseph Holden 1956-10-12
Film Screen Directors Playhouse: Rookie of the Year Buck Goodhue, alias Buck Garrison 1955-12-07
Film A Man Alone Sheriff Gil Corrigan 1955-10-17
Film Mister Roberts Chief Petty Officer Dowdy 1955-07-13
Film The Long Gray Line Capt. Herman J. Kohler 1955-02-09
Film Hondo Bufallo Baker 1954-12-03
Film The Bob Mathias Story Coach Virgil Jackson 1954-10-24
Series Climax! Unknown 1954-10-07
Film Johnny Guitar John McIvers 1954-05-26
Film Gypsy Colt Frank MacWade 1954-04-02
Series General Electric Theater Unknown 1953-02-01
Film Blowing Wild Dutch Peterson 1953-09-16
Film The Moonlighter Cole Gardner 1953-09-19
Series Cavalcade of America Unknown 1952-10-01
Film Hellgate Lt. Tod Voorhees 1952-09-04
Film L'Homme tranquille Father Peter Lonergan 1952-07-21
Film On Dangerous Ground Walter Brent 1952-06-20
Series Schlitz Playhouse of Stars Unknown 1951-10-05
Film Only the Valiant Cpl. Timothy Gilchrist 1951-04-13
Film The Great Missouri Raid Maj. Marshal Trowbridge 1951-02-01
Film Operation Pacific Cmdr. John T. 'Pop' Perry 1951-01-27
Film Singing Guns Sheriff Jim Caradac 1950-02-28
Film Riding High Lee 1950-04-12
Film Wagon Master Elder Wiggs 1950-04-19
Film Gone with the Wind Tom - Yankee Captain 1950-05-20
Film Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye Insp. Charles Weber 1950-08-04
Film They Were Expendable "Boats" Mulcahey, Chief Boatswain's Mate 1949-04-20
Series Suspense Unknown 1949-01-06
Film Joan of Arc La Hire 1948-12-22
Film 3 Godfathers Perley 'Buck' Sweet 1948-12-01
Film The Time of Your Life McCarthy (a blatherskite) 1948-09-03
Film Tap Roots Hoab Dabney 1948-08-25
Film Fort Apache Sgt. Maj. Michael O'Rourke 1948-03-26
Film Unconquered John Fraser 1947-09-24
Film It's a Wonderful Life Bert 1947-12-10
Film The Fugitive James Calvert, aka 'El Gringo' 1947-11-03
Film My Darling Clementine Morgan Earp 1946-12-03
Film Canyon Passage Honey Bragg 1946-07-17
Film Dakota Jim Bender 1945-12-25
Film Drums Along the Mohawk Adam Hartman 1944-11-30
Film Tall in the Saddle 'Judge' Robert Garvey 1944-09-29
Film Home in Indiana Jed Bruce 1944-06-15
Film A Guy Named Joe Al Yackey 1944-03-01
Film The Fighting Sullivans Lt. Cmdr. Robinson 1944-02-03
Film Hello, Frisco, Hello Sharkey 1943-03-26
Film Slightly Dangerous Jimmy 1943-04-01
Film They Came to Blow Up America FBI Chief Craig 1943-05-07
Film Gentleman Jim John L. Sullivan 1942-11-14
Film Hitler- Dead or Alive Steve Maschick 1942-11-12
Film Sin Town Rock Delaney 1942-09-25
Film Ten Gentlemen From West Point Sgt. Scully 1942-06-26
Film The Falcon Takes Over Moose Malloy (uncredited) 1942-05-29
Film Wild Bill Hickok Rides Sheriff Edmunds 1942-01-31
Film Know For Sure patient 1941-01-01
Film Tobacco Road Lov Bensey 1941-02-20
Film A Man Betrayed Floyd, Amato's Goon 1941-03-07
Film Sergeant York Ike Botkin 1941-07-02
Film The Shepherd of the Hills Wash Gibbs 1941-07-18
Film Manpower Eddie Adams 1941-08-09
Film The Maltese Falcon Det. Tom Polhaus 1941-10-17
Film Swamp Water Tim Dorson 1941-10-23
Film Doctors Don't Tell Barney Millen 1941-09-22
Film Buck Benny Rides Again First Outlaw 1940-05-31
Film Little Old New York Regan 1940-02-09
Film The Grapes of Wrath Policeman 1940-03-15
Film Virginia City Confederate Sergeant Checking Passengers 1940-03-23
Film The Mortal Storm Franz 1940-06-14
Film Kit Carson Ape 1940-08-30
Film City for Conquest First Policeman (uncredited) 1940-09-21
Film The Long Voyage Home Yank 1940-11-11
Film Santa Fe Trail Townley 1940-12-13
Film Son of Frankenstein Gendarme at Gate 1939-01-13
Film They Made Me a Criminal Lenihan 1939-01-28
Film Made for Each Other Jim Hatton 1939-02-10
Film The Return of the Cisco Kid Accused Rustler 1939-04-28
Film The Oklahoma Kid Wes Handley 1939-03-11
Film Trouble in Sundown Henchman Dusty 1939-03-23
Film Dodge City Bud Taylor 1939-03-31
Film Mr. Moto in Danger Island Sailor Sam - Wrestler 1939-04-07
Film Pardon Our Nerve Kid Ramsey 1939-02-24
Film Union Pacific Tracklayer (uncredited) 1939-05-05
Film Frontier Marshal Town Marshal 1939-07-28
Film Confessions of a Nazi Spy American Legionnaire 1939-05-06
Film Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence Hunk 1939-11-03
Film Dust Be My Destiny Thug (uncredited) 1939-09-16
Film The Cisco Kid and the Lady Walton 1939-12-29
Film Waterfront Mart Hendler 1939-07-15
Film Young Mr. Lincoln John Palmer Cass 1939-06-09
Film The Girl from Mexico Mexican Pete - the Wrestler 1939-06-01
Film The Kid From Kokomo Ladislaw Klewicki 1939-05-23
Film Numbered Woman Detective 1938-05-22
Film Of Human Hearts Lout Laughing in Church (uncredited) 1938-02-11
Film Born to Be Wild Bill Purvis 1938-02-16
Film Bringing Up Baby Motorcycle Cop at Jail (uncredited) 1938-02-18
Film Hawaii Calls Muller 1938-03-12
Film Mr. Moto's Gamble Biff Moran 1938-04-07
Film Flight Into Nowhere Unknown 1938-04-19
Film Gun Law Henchman Pecos 1938-05-13
Film Over The Wall Eddie Edwards 1938-04-02
Film The Adventures of Marco Polo Mongol Guard (uncredited) 1938-07-04
Film Prison Break Big Red Kincaid 1938-07-12
Film Professor Beware Motorcycle Cop 1938-07-29
Film The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse Tug 1938-07-30
Film Going Places Clarence - a Policeman 1938-12-31
Film Fugitives for a Night Gambler in Fake Fight 1938-09-23
Film You Can't Take It with You Mike - the Detective (uncredited) 1938-11-03
Film The Law West of Tombstone Mulligan P. Martinez 1938-11-18
Film Submarine Patrol Seaman Olaf Swanson 1938-11-25
Film Devil's Playground Sidecar Wilson 1937-01-24
Film You Only Live Once Casey - Guard (uncredited) 1937-01-29
Film Park Avenue Logger Paul Sangar 1937-03-16
Film 23 1/2 Hours Leave Top Sgt. Burke 1937-03-21
Film Night Key Fingers 1937-04-18
Film A Fight to the Finish Eddie Hawkins 1937-06-30
Film They Gave Him a Gun MP 1937-05-07
Film Marry the Girl Motorcycle cop 1937-07-13
Film Topper Eddie - Cab Driver Slugged by Topper (uncredited) 1937-07-16
Film Dead End Doorman 1937-08-27
Film Escape by Night Peter 'Spudsy' Baker 1937-09-01
Film Music for Madame Violets 1937-10-08
Film The Leathernecks Have Landed Tex 1936-01-01
Film Legion of Terror Don Foster 1936-01-02
Film Two In The Dark Policeman 1936-01-10
Film Fatal Lady American Stage Manager 1936-05-15
Film Colleen Sweeney - Second Officer 1936-03-21
Film High Tension Husky Man 1936-05-06
Film Avenging Waters Marve Slater 1936-05-08
Film Boulder Dam Pa's Guest 1936-03-07
Film The Cattle Thief Ranse Willard 1936-05-26
Film White Fang Thief (uncredited) 1936-07-17
Film They Met in a Taxi Policeman 1936-09-08
Film The Man Who Lived Twice John 'Gloves' Baker 1936-09-25
Film The Big Game Gambler 1936-10-09
Film Without Orders Tim Casey 1936-10-22
Film Conflict Gus 'Knockout' Carrigan 1936-11-29
Film Fury Man (uncredited) 1936-05-29
Film G-Men Gunman at Train Station (uncredited) 1935-05-04
Film Grand Old Girl Mr. Clark - Football Coach 1935-01-15
Film Devil Dogs of the Air Instructor 1935-02-09
Film One New York Night Policeman 1935-03-08
Film The Crimson Trail Luke Long 1935-03-11
Film Strangers All Ward, Assistant Director on Film Set 1935-04-01
Film Fighting Shadows Brad Harrison 1935-04-18
Film Mary Jane's Pa Roughneck Leader 1935-04-27
Film Calm Yourself Detective 1935-06-28
Film Murder in the Fleet 'Heavy' Johnson 1935-05-24
Film She Gets Her Man Chick 1935-08-05
Film Little Big Shot Kell's henchman 1935-09-07
Film Waterfront Lady Jess 1935-10-04
Film Western Courage Lacrosse 1935-10-29
Film Broadway Hostess Thug 1935-12-07
Film Too Tough To Kill Danny 1935-12-20
Film We're Only Human Bank Robber 1935-12-27
Film Hitch Hike Lady Motorcycle cop 1935-12-28
Film I'll Tell the World Dirigible Officer 1934-04-20
Film Frontier Marshal Ben Murchison 1934-01-19
Film It Happened One Night Bus Driver #1 (uncredited) 1934-02-22
Film The Poor Rich Motor Cop 1934-02-25
Film The Fighting Ranger Dave, Cougar Henchman 1934-03-17
Film Whirlpool Farley 1934-04-09
Film The Affairs of Cellini Palace Guard Finding Cellini's Clothes 1934-08-24
Film The Most Precious Thing In Life Head Coach Smith 1934-06-15
Film The Circus Clown Spectator 1934-06-30
Film The Defense Rests Hood 1934-07-15
Film Girl in Danger Wynkoski 1934-09-11
Film Broadway Bill Morgan's Henchman (uncredited) 1934-11-30
Film A Man's Game Dave Jordon 1934-06-16
Film The Wrecker Cramer 1933-07-10
Film Heroes for Sale Red (uncredited) 1933-06-17
Film Unknown Valley Elder Snead 1933-05-05
Film Lady for a Day Mounted Policeman (uncredited) 1933-09-13
Film Wild Boys of the Road Red, the Brakeman (uncredited) 1933-09-22
Film College Coach Assistant Coach (uncredited) 1933-11-13
Film Son of a Sailor Joe 1933-11-29
Film Flesh Muscles Manning (uncredited) 1932-12-08
Film Virtue Frank 1932-10-25
Film The Trial of Vivienne Ware Johnson (uncredited) 1932-05-01
Film Careless Lady Cop in Raid 1932-04-02
Film Arrowsmith Cop 1931-12-26
Film Quick Millions Cop in montage 1931-05-03
Film The Big Trail Sid Bascom (uncredited) 1930-11-01
Film Up the River Inmate Socked by Saint Louis (uncredited) 1930-10-12
Film Born Reckless Sergeant 1930-06-06
Film So This Is College USC Player - #30 (uncredited) 1929-11-08
Film Salute Midshipman Harold 1929-09-01